Recent Works

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Large ensemble 

GEILT (a number of ways) (2019) (orchestra)

rotten ware (2017) (chamber orchestra)

Small ensemble

PASS (2019) (amplified solo violin, amplified string trio, soundtrack)

Against Thy Strength (2020) (two trumpets)

(of loving weakness, of lying down and taking it)

stripling (2019) (clarinet in Bb, percussion, guitar, violin, viola, double bass)

String Piece (2019) (string quartet, improvising string duo, tape) with Fergus Hall and Iman Tajik 

For Cassini (2017) (violin, viola, cello, trumpet, bass drum)


a piece of horizon has been arching ur back (2020) (solo violin)

Tillage [without violence] (2020) (close-amplified solo violin)


helands heallands (2019) (fixed media and live improviser(s))


Lessons (1-3) (2019) (voice (G2-G4), electric guitar, video)

on which you would (2019) (two voices, accordion)

What the night saw, what the boy felt (2016) (baritone and string quartet) in collaboration with poet Ella Frears

Than the bird flocks of the skies (2015) (voice and flute)


the case against... (2019) (improvising duet) with Oskar McCarthy

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