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Tillage [without violence] (2020)

(solo violin)
8 minutes

Programme Note

the day 

the mountain 

the winter’s near 

those whom Nature hath not made


nothing, sweet boy


both sea and land 


and wind


or night 

or none

or the sea 

or if they sing 

or call it winter 

or being wreck’d 

or seasons’ quality 


[say no]


nor stone 

nor earth 

nor boundless sea 

nor gates of steel so strong

but sad mortality


of hand 

of foot 

of lips




hold out



gilding pale streams 

loving parts 

shifting change


[say no] 


how with this rage

how like a winter

like the ocean be

like to thee


from me far off 

from limits far remote


what freezings have I felt 

what strong hand can hold 


against the cold 

against the watchful siege


where breath most breathes 

where my body is 


winter’s ragged hand

will hold me

hold out

upon your soundless deep


no stronger than a flower 

no shape so true

my body is the frame 

which parts the shore

(WS + RE)

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