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More listening 

We love to hear trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse folks sing! 

This page links you to some more music and singing to wrap your ears around.

One From the Vaults is a trans history podcast – listen out for little moments of archival singing!

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! is an icon of trans singing.

Listen to Beverly Glenn Copeland perform Sunset  Village, revel in trans joy.

Listen to Transome by Planningtorock. Working with vocoders, EQs, and other electronic music tools has been a big part of trans 'vocal' music.

Listen to Better Said With Words II, an improvisation by vocalist Holland Andrews.

We have lots of ways of vocalising and building worlds. Queer Unbinary Aliens – Wastewomxn – perform Snap Me Out Of It from their eponymous debut.

Listen to Liniker, the incredible trans Brazilian soul singer.

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