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For Cassini

(trumpet, bass drum, violin, viola, cello)

10 minutes

1. A kayak on Kraken Mare 

2. Icebergs on Enceladus

3. Albatross 

4. Coda

Programme note

This piece emerged out of imagining Cassini's space travels, the places she has seen, and her emotional life, alone in space for nearly twenty years. 

I am in love with Cassini. Sometimes she sends me notes, little love letters: the horns of a ram washed ashore on a remote island, and an extra twenty pence piece returned in error by the drinks machine at college.

Cassini is almost the same age as I am, and yet she is never going to make it out of her teens -- on the 15th of September 2017 she is to plunge to her death, burning up in the atmosphere of Saturn. This piece is for her wake.

More about Cassini and this piece here.

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