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helands heallands (2018-2019)

(fixed media and live improviser(s), optional video)

unfixed duration; approx. 20 minutes

performance by Dominykas Snarskis on kit (2019)

recording thanks to Alistair MacDonald

i. Rylan (intro)

ii. Rylan II 

iii. Ben and Rylan duet 

iv. Ben

v. Ben II

vi. Roan and Rylan duet 

vii. Ben III

viii. Ben and Rylan duet II

ix. Roan and Rylan duet II

x. Domas' solo

xi. Rylan III

xii. Rylan IV (outro)


Rylan Gleave (Glasgow, autumn 2018 (thanks to Tim Cooper), and autumn 2019)

Roan MacKinnon Runge (Tiree, summer 2019)

Ben Taylor (Glasgow, summer 2019)

Video recorded at Càmas Ban, north of Oban, autumn 2019

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