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From a peak, you spot a white triangle out in the bay.


You find:


These warm ups are for exercising the low/middle registers of your voice. They will make it easier to ‘boof’ like a sleepy dog on deep notes. We’d suggest incorporating these exercises midway through your warm up session, before tackling anything higher pitched.


  1. Using the word ‘sunshine’, choose a comfortable middle - low pitch, and speak the words whilst thinking on this pitch. It might help to sing the pitch on ‘sun-’ and then let the voice drop lower and more into speech on ‘-shine’.

  2. Experiment with how much breath you can use in this phrase, and how this might change the resonance or where it sits. Remember to breathe deeply in between every repetition!

  3. Explore the sibilance of the “s”s, using them as a springboard into your lower range. You might want to explore adding more pitch, or holding the notes for longer to get a sense of what this range feels like in the voice.

  4. This exercise can be repeated with any two-syllable words you might think of, especially those with repeated consonants or sibilance. Some words that you could try might include ‘drifting’, ‘silence’, ‘resist’, or ‘flip-flop’. 

black and white line drawing of an old time sailing ship



Like high registers, our low register should be warmed up very carefully, softly, and slowly, as to prevent strain or damage on/to the throat. Dynamically, these warm ups should be sung between very quietly and mostly quietly, the aim being to gently allow the voice to move lower without pushing or forcing it. 

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