Rufus Isabel Elliot is a composer and musician originally from Tower Hamlets, living now in Skye.

Rufus has written funerary music for doomed spaceships and orchestral music about rotting seaweed. It cares about honesty and openness. Its work is concerned with testimony, the conditions in which one speaks out, and how those stories are passed on.

Since coming ashore a few years ago, Rufus has worked with the likes of sound festival scotland, Red Note Ensemble, Magnetic North, Knockvologan Studies, ATLAS Arts, and the Nevis Ensemble, with whom it was composer-in-residence in 2019. Rufus was a Sound and Music Composer-Curator in 2020, and trained in workshop facilitation with Tempting Failure during the coronavirus lockdown.

Recent collaborations have included joint composition and performance work with artist Iman Tajik and several projects with poet Ella Frears. Rufus has performed as an improviser both as an instrumentalist and as a laptop performer, and as a performer in diverse experimental contexts, from Fluxus concert works to site-specific performance events.

In addition, Rufus produces OVER / AT, a trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse music-making world, which encompasses live touring projects, recording projects, workshops, online learning resources, and more. The first OVER / AT E.P. was released in March – FOLKS' SONGS – and OVER / AT #1 was shortlisted for a Scottish Award for New Music. OVER / AT's second commissioned project, A/am/ams (come ashore, turn over), was released in November in collaboration with Glasgow tape label GLARC.

Rufus completed a masters degree in composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, studying with David Fennessy. Its postgraduate studies were supported by the EMI Sound Foundation and by a postgraduate scholarship from the RCS Trust. In 2017, Rufus graduated from the University of Oxford with first class honours.

Rufus uses it/its pronouns.

Photo by Jordan of LiveLoveRun

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