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Rufus is a composer and improviser based in Glasgow. 


Rufus has written funerary music for doomed spaceships and orchestral music about rotting seaweed. Rufus was composer-in-residence with the Nevis Ensemble for 2019, creating a new work -- GEILT -- for their summer tour of the Hebrides. Recent works include PASS, premiered by Rakhi Singh and the Singh Quartet, on the subject of trans bodies, speaking out, and sexual violence, and Lessons (1-3), an exploration of intimacy, domesticity, and generosity in performance. 


Rufus is currently collaborating with mezzo-soprano Lea Shaw to create a new stage duet about bodies and trauma. Recent collaborations have included joint improvisation-composition and performance work with artist Iman Tajik, and composer Fergus Hall, as well as a collaboration with actor-singer Oskar McCarthy to create The Case Against, a freely improvised duet between laptop improviser and vocal/theatrical improvisation. Rufus has performed as an improviser both as an instrumentalist and as a laptop performer, and as a performer in diverse experimental contexts, from Fluxus concert works to site-specific performance events.

Rufus is currently a masters student of composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, studying with David Fennessy. Its postgraduate studies are supported by the EMI Sound Foundation and by a conservatoire postgraduate scholarship. In 2017, Rufus graduated from the University of Oxford with first class honours in English Language and Literature. Its disseration, supervised by Prof Gascia Ouzounian and Dr Michael Mayo, was written on the subject of privacy and intimacy in the verbal notation strategies of Jennifer Walshe and Andy Ingamells, particularly in relation to the queer performer’s body.