We Good Folk of the trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse community need imaginative ways to explore our voices. We need to seize the tools of [vocal] production, and teach each other, and learn together.


As part of our work making the FOLKS’ SONGS E.P., we wanted to share some of the ways we have used our voices. Here, you will find warm-ups for all kinds of voices, which open up creative, imaginative responses. You will also find tips and techniques from the songs on our E.P., for you to engage with on your own terms.


We hope you enjoy looking around this space. 


Want to know more? If there are any techniques or exercises you would like to see explored here, please drop us a message.

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Warm ups 


i. General warm ups

ii. High register warm ups

iii. Low register warm ups


2. Are we? techniques

3. Out of Existence techniques

4. FEELS improvisation

5. about vocal production